Happy Days
watcher570 typed a picture: a jukebox.a vehicle is 1 feet left of the jukebox.a wall is behind the jukebox.the vehicle is 1 feet in front of the jukebox.a first man is right of the vehicle.the man is facing right.the man is black.a second man is right of the jukebox.the second man is facing the first man.a first woman is 2 inches behind the first man.a third man is 4 feet right of the first man.the third man is facing the first woman.a second woman is in front of the jukebox.it is night.a yellow light is above the jukebox.a white light is 6 feet in front of the jukebox.the wall is wood.the ground is tile.
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 Effects: Talk Balloon, Talk Balloon, Brightness
nheiges  (2017) 
This brings back memories! I see it's from the last go-round, before my time. Great scene!
Nanook  (2017) 
great scene :-)
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