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There is a [gray ps] horse. The horse is 25 foot wide. The horse is leaning 31 degrees to the north. The horse is 142 foot above ground. There is a [3redbull] ox. The ox is 0.1 inch in front of the horse. The ox is 28 foot wide. The ox is 138 foot above ground. The ox is facing the horse. The ox is leaning 37 degrees to the north. The ground is water. The ground is silver. There is a ball. the ball is west to the horse. The ball is 270 foot wide. The ball is 145 foot inside ground. the ball is [dollar]. the ball is leaning west. There is red light on the ball.
Nanook (2016) 
so many interpretations but it all comes back to money.
Khalilmatar (2016) 
True. Competition over market share, money, etc.
coyne (2016) 
nice one!!
lespaulguy (2016) 
great scene!
Khalilmatar (2016) 
Thanks, Coyne and Lespaulguy.
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