The Night Life

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1st 15 feet tall and 30 feet long [brick] wall. a [marble] table is 0.5 feet in front of the wall. a chair is to the left of the table. it faces southeast. 2nd clear 12 feet tall and 40 feet long clear wall is 4 feet to the front of the 1st wall. it leans 5 degrees to the front. 3rd 3 feet tall and 20 feet long [brick] wall is 15 feet to the front of the 2nd faces back. it leans 45 degrees to the back. it is 0.7 feet above the ground. a chartreuse "OPEN" is 0.5 feet behind and -0.7 feet above the 3rd wall. it leans 35 degrees to the back. 11 lights are 0.2 feet behind the 3rd wall. 4 dim red lights are 2 inches behind the "OPEN". the camera light is blue. the sun is pink. the sun's azimuth is 195 degrees. the sun's altitude is 88 degrees. a large window is 0.01 feet to the front of the 2nd wall. a woman is 0.4 feet right of the table. she faces southwest. 3 dim orange lights are on the woman. a large blue glass is -1 feet right of and on the table. 2 dim cyan lights are on the glass. the ground is [tile]
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Effects: Contrast, Sharpen
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watcher570  (2016) 
good reflections
hedgehog1965  (2016) 
Nice composition
Nanook  (2016) 
thanks ;-)