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The ground is sand. There is a fish. The fish is 2.2 foot tall. There is a yellow chair. The chair is 2 inch inside ground. The chair is 7 foot tall. There is a lake 2 foot south of the chair. There is a first ball under the chair. The first ball is 1.5 foot wide. There is a white radio. The radio is 1.5 foot in front of the first ball. The chair is facing south. The fish is 1.60 foot above the first ball. The fish is leaning 50 degree to the north. There is a second ball 4 foot in front of the radio. The second ball is 3 inch above ground. The second ball is 1.5 foot wide. There is a fishing rod 2 foot above the second ball. The fishing rod is 15 foot long. The fishing rod is red. The fishing rod is leaning 10 degrees to the north. There is a 2.5 foot wide pipe. The pipe is 4.7 foot above the radio. The pipe is brown. The pipe faces east. There is a huge butterfly at the end of the rod. The butterfly faces east. The butterfly is leaning 60 degrees to the south. There is a woman 0.1 inch south of the butterfly. The butterfly is pink. The woman is 17 foot tall. The woman faces north. The woman is 5 foot inside ground. The woman is leaning 50 degrees to the south. The woman is beige. There is a wave below the butterfly. The wave is 6 foot high.
boneybird (2016) 
nice! interesting composition
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