Survival of the Fittest

Input text: A fish is in a white joystick. The ground is 2 feet wide water. A TV is 3 feet in front of the stick. It is facing the stick. A yellow wall wall is in front of the TV. The screen of the TV is [image-10351]. A tiny pink flat "200 pts" is -0.05 inch behind and -17 inches above and -30 inches to the right of the TV. It is facing north. It is leaning 2 degrees to the back. Camera light is dark brown. Ambient light is black. The sun is black. A cream light is 5 inches behind the TV. A cream light is 2 inches behind the TV. A fish painting is -0.3 inch behind and -5.2 feet to the right of and -6 feet above the wall. It is facing north. A dim lemon light is 1 inch to the left of the fish.
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coyne  (2016) 
that's great!!
Nanook  (2016) 
so light in the water!!
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