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At the hour of midnight, near the stream, You look at the sky. make long In the mountain world wonders. Night eternal lamps Invisible in the glare of the day, Slender go there bulks Unquenchable fire. Do not dig into the eyes of them - And you see that far, For the nearest stars, Ten thousands of stars in the night had gone. Again Peer - and darkness of ten thousands Utomo your timid glance: All the stars, all the lights blue burn Abyss. At the hour of midnight silence Driven away deceptions dreams You Peer soul in Scripture Galilean fishermen - And close the book volume Unfold before you The endless vault of heaven With a radiant beauty. Behold: the stars of thoughts lead Secret chorus around the Earth, Again Peer - other sprout; Again Peer - and there, in the distance, Stars thoughts darkness of ten thousands, Shoot, sprout without number, And they will light fires Heart of darkness slumbering.
zamchick (2016) 
Really like your pursuit of "found art" using language :-)
Ber_Trianon (2016) 
Many thanks!
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