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Inside Kronos workshop

Input text: 
a table.a first clock is on the table.a second clock is 8 inches right of the first clock.the second clock is face up.a rock wall is 2 feet behind the table.the wall is 100 feet long.a first spring is 2 inches left of the first clock.a hourglass is 6 inches left of the spring.a third clock is 2 inches left of the table.a fourth clock is in front of the table.the wall is 80 feet tall.a second spring is in front of the third clock.a chair is 1 inches right of the table.the chair is facing southwest.a third spring is on the chair.the ground is dirt.a man is behind the table.a sun dial is in front of the chair.
KAWE (legacy) 
ah the "time-maker"
Nanook (legacy) 
Building time. :=)
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