Closed time tunnel
KAWE typed a picture: a 40 feet tall and 25 feet wide and 30 feet deep [clock] tube leans 90 degrees to the back. it is 1.5 feet above the ground. a 15 feet tall silver clock is -22 feet to the left of the tube and 9.5 feet above the ground. above the clock are two old gold lights.ground is clear.sun is malachite green.ambient light is forget me not blue.the clock is facing north. (This scene uses Getty Images )
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 Effects: Hue, Canvas texture, Hue, Brightness, Contrast, Invert, Hue, Invert
watcher570  (2016) 
nice ending to the theme
KAWE  (2016) 
oh thanks
nheiges  (2017) 
But not an ending after all :-) Just checking out your other "time tunnel" scenes - love this one!
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