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the white man is -4 inches behind and -5 feet to the left of the monster. he is 4 feet above the ground. the first [lab] wall is 3 feet behind the monster. it is 9 feet wide. it is 12 feet tall. the large solid white plant is 11 inches in the man. the large pair of eyeglasses is -1 foot above the man. the shirt of the man is white. the stethoscope is -10 inches in front of the man. it is 5.6 feet above the ground. it is facing right. a second [lab] wall is to the right and in front of the wall. it is facing left. it is 12 feet tall.
##HD #genewilder 
Old photo, Saturation, Saturation
KAWE (2016) 
a really great actor...and a great pic
Nanook (2016) 
Very nice , was just thinking a memorial pic should be done. He and Gilda both will long bring laughter to us.
boneybird (2016) 

Turns out Mary Shelley was born on this day in 1797. So I added her into the scene.
nheiges (2016) 
Awwww. . .

Great pic.
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