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Input text: a 1.2 feet tall top hat.the hat is upside down.a rabbit is -6 inches above the hat.the rabbit is leaning 20 degrees to the north.a first playing card is right of the hat.a second playing card is 4 inches above the first playing card.the second playing card is face up.the second playing card is leaning 10 degrees to the east.a ace of spades is 2 inches right of the second playing card.the ace of spades is face down.the ace of spades is leaning 15 degrees to the west.there are three cups left of the hat.the three cups are upside down.a tiny red sphere is 3 inches left of the cups.a tiny guillotine is 6 inches behind the hat.the guillotine is 4 inches right of the hat.a group is 12 inches behind the hat.the group is black.the ground is shiny blue.[magic]sky.
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coyne  (2016) 
nice :-)
KAWE  (2016) 
Please not the rabbit under the guillotine
Nanook  (2016) 
great start for the week :-)
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