It's a kind of magic.
watcher570 typed a picture: a man.a 5.7 feet tall woman is 3 feet right of the man.a 4 feet wide black sheet is in front of the woman.the sheet is 4 feet deep.the sheet is face up.the sheet is 2.9 feet above the ground.a first bird is in front of the sheet.a second bird is 6 inches above the first bird.the second bird is leaning 10 degrees to the west.a third bird is 7 inches above the second bird.the third bird is leaning 30 degrees to the south.a fourth bird is 2 inches right of the third bird.the fourth bird is leaning 20 degrees to the east.a rabbit is 1 feet behind the women.the rabbit is 1 feet left of the woman.the rabbit is facing northwest.a table is 2 feet behind the man.a group is on the table.a wall is 6 inches behind the table.the wall is 40 feet tall.the wall is black.a fifth bird is 3 inches left of the third is night.the wall is 200 feet long.a red sphere is 3 feet right of the table.a yellow sphere is 1 feet right of the red sphere.the woman's swimsuit is black.a sixth bird is 8 inches above the third bird.a birdcage is right of the table.the ground is wood.the ground is dull.
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KAWE  (2016) 
beautiful magic
nheiges  (2016) 
love it
KAWE  (2016) 
congrats watcher
watcher570  (2016) 
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