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Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn and caldron bubble...

Input text: 
the 1st [art] curtain is to the left and behind the [art] 2nd curtain. the 2nd curtain is facing left. the 3rd [art] curtain is to the left and in front of the 1st curtain. it is facing right. a cauldron is 2 feet in front of the first curtain. the [art] ground is 120 feet wide. a red light is 3 feet above and behind the cauldron. the extremely tiny clear white tornado is -2 feet above the cauldron. the very large frog is -1 feet above the tornado.it is facing right. it is leaning 40 degrees to the front. the witch is 40 feet behind the 1st curtain. she is 4 foot to the left of the 1st curtain. she is 28 feet above the ground. she is facing left. the snake is 3 feet in front of and to the right of the cauldron.
##HD #totwmagic 
KAWE (2016) 
really much trouble
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