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Santa Does the Impossible

Input text: the very humongous cloud-img-iz1015 sphere is on the sky blue ground. a beige elk is fifty feet above the bottom of the sphere. The light is 5 feet in front of the elk. the red sleigh is behind the elk. Santa Claus is on the sleigh.
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rws  (5 years ago) 
Now look who's copying.*br*
rws  (5 years ago) 
Actually that shadow makes it look like the Truman Show.*br**br*I assume (though I haven't checked this) that you can't cast a shadow on the real sky?*br*
coyne  (5 years ago) 
right, you can't cast shadows on the real sky.
coyne  (5 years ago) 
yes, sorry for the copying, but thought the internal light and shadow made it a good example.
rws  (5 years ago) 
i am not bothered by copying :-]
Zamchick  (5 years ago) 
(unless someone in particular is doing the copying) -- submitted anonomously
coyne  (5 years ago) 
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