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Hit the Road Jack

Input text: 
The plate is on the kitchen table. The [red] Apple is on the plate. The small [metal] rope is 4.2 inches in the Apple. The very tiny silver tube is .25 inches behind the apple. It is 1.7 inches to the left of the Apple. It is leaning 90 degrees to the left. It is .3 inches above the bottom of the Apple. The silver sphere is .2 inches to the right of the tube. It is .6 inches tall. The ground is grass. The 2.5 inch tall sun symbol is 1.7 inch in the sphere. The red light is 3 inches above and three inches to the right of the Apple. The aqua light is 6 inches to the left of the red light. The camera light is black. The mauve light is 5 inches to the left of the plate. the ear is to the left of the apple. it is facing left. it is 1.5 inch above the bottom of the apple.
watcher570 (legacy) 
very surreal
Nanook (legacy) 
This is so cool.....I don't know if the end of the rope is supposed to be but it looks like a tire pressure gauge.
anxieting (legacy) 
I guess if u say so
lespaulguy (legacy) 
@nanook, end of an ear-a for apple. no more jacks.
Nanook (legacy) 
Oh.....duh....I don't usually get up this early.......now I know why. :-)
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