Input text: There is a wizard on the left side of a first tree. The first tree is 7 inches away from the wizard. There is a second tree behind the wizard. There is a third tree next to the second tree. In front of the wizard is a bowl. The wizard faces the bowl. The bowl is 3 feet away from the wizard. The bowl is 2 feet high. There is a big big raven 4 feet above the ground in front of the bowl. There is a cat to the right of the wizard and next to the bowl. The cat looks south. There is a second bowl. The second bowl is 2 feet high. The second bowl is in front of the cat. The raven is in between the two bowls. There is mug 3 feet above the bowls. The mug is big. Next to the wizard is a cat.The cat is 3 feet tall.The cat is 2 feet away from the wizard.
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Nanook  (2016) 
@gollum777 ,it's great to see your work again, there must be a story line for this one. I'm thinking Starbucks ???? Do they have those where you are? :-)
gollum777  (2016) 
Starbucks coffe? Yeah we do have those shops. But what do you mean by that having in common with my picture? @nanook
Nanook  (2016) 
@gollum777 I just thought the mug made me think of a starbucks coffee cup for no particular reason. You know the magic of coffee.....for some anyway. :-)
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