Honeymoon Bliss
We're on our way....

Input text:  a 3 feet tall [flag] missile is 4 feet above the ground. a trump is -2.5 feet above and -2.3 feet right of and -3.2 feet to the back of the missile. a putin is 3 feet in front of and -4.1 feet right of trump. putin is -1.5 feet above the missile. a bomb is -0.1 feet to the right of and -1.3 feet above the trump. the ground is [water]. the [water] is 75 feet tall.
Tags:  #politics 
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Effects: Contrast, Sharpen
lespaulguy  (2016) 
fun for the whole putrump family!
Nanook  (2016) 
What do you call nepotism combined with dictatorship? I don't know ......I'm asking!
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