Purse Snatcher Arrest Was Made

Input text: a first man.a second man is right of the first man.a third man is left of the first man.a 50 feet tall wall is 6 inches behind the first man.the wall is 200 feet long.a fourth man is right of the second man.a fifth man is right of the fourth man.a 5 feet tall sixth man is right of the fifth man.a policeman is 5 feet in front of the first man.the policeman is facing the fourth man.a woman is 1 feet right of the policeman.the woman is facing the fourth man.the ground is wood. a [woman] bag is -4 feet above and -1.7 feet to the right of and -1.6 feet to the front of the 4th man. it faces southeast. it leans 14 degrees to the back. a 20 feet tall and 1 inch wide black tube is 0.1 feet in front of the wall. it leans 90 degrees to the left. it is 6 feet above the ground. a black 0.7 feet tall "6 ft." is -2 feet right of and 0.5 feet above the tube.
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