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Still Crazy After All These Years
...but I would not be convicted by a jury of my peers.

Input text: 
A 4 feet high pale cream window is above and -34 inches in front of a 4 feet high [brick] wall. A man is behind the wall. A 4 feet high [brick] wall is 4 feet above the wall. A [brick] wall is right of the window. A [brick] wall is left of the window. A huge [plaster] wall is 20 feet behind the man. 6 dim lemon lights are 6 feet left of and 4 feet above the man. A 1.5 feet high penguin is 14 inches in and -9 inches right of and -8 inches in front of the man. A necktie is -2.5 inches in front of and -12 inches right of and -3 feet above the man. It is leaning 15 degrees to the back. A large wall is behind the man. It is leaning 90 degrees to the front. It is 4 feet wide [wood]. 3 blue cars are 12 feet in front of the man. They are facing the man. A sofa is 10 feet behind and 11 feet left of the man. It is on the wall. It is facing southeast. A table is 9 feet right of the sofa. 6 bottles are on the table. A navy light is 10 feet above the car. A dim red light is 2 feet left of the car. A dim light is 1 inch above and 2 inches in front of the man. A penguin is on the sofa. It is facing east. A tree is 4 feet left of the car.
Nanook (2016) 
Oh such perfection ! LOVE the reflectons! Been away for a bit of the day and just realized the totw is crazy. You captured it with this one.
coyne (2016) 
that's great!
watcher570 (2016) 
great ! but I still think "crazy" is hard to do !
Nanook (2016) 
@watcher570 I'm with you there....Makes you crazy thinking one up but persistence will prevail no doubt :-0
hedgehog1965 (2016) 
Thanks - stealing from a song was the easy option :-)
Nanook (2016) 
Sometimes maybe the only option.
nheiges (2016) 
I keep coming back to look at this. Really nice!
hedgehog1965 (2016) 
Thanks @nheiges :-)
KAWE (2016) 
hedgehog1965 (2016) 
Thank you @KAWE
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