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Crazy Eddie!

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the small man is 2 feet in the television. he is -1 feet in front of the television. he is leaning 60 degrees to the front. the dog is 5 feet in front of the television. it is facing back.the ground is shiny tile. a large marble wall is 2 feet behind the television. the "INSANE!" is -5 inches above the television. the potted plant is to the right of the television. the tree is 2.4 feet to the left of the television. the small "my prices are" is 6 inches above the "INSANE!".
##HD #totwcrazy 
Illustration, Fuzzy border
Nanook (2016) 
Oh this is too too funny and true and deserves a riff. Gonna have to pass tonight though. :-0
nheiges (2016) 
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