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Life's a Beach again
Still playing

Input text: 
The long [beach] wall is behind the cherry tree.The long [beach] wall is next to the long [beach] wall. The huge cave is behind the wall. A dog is on the right of a very large lizard. The dog is facing West. The large lizard is facing the dog. The dog is in front of the [beach] chair. The tiny pink mauve 10 of hearts tornado is 5 feet above the cherry tree. The ground is grass. The small red "CRAZY" is a few inches above the huge man. The big man is above the long wall. The [beach] chair is 4 feet in front of the tangerine cherry tree. A lizard is under the [beach] chair. green light is above the tiny tornado. Purple light is shining on the tiny tornado. Golden huge Saturn is 20 feet above the huge cave. The [beach] chair is to the left of the cherry tree. green light is below the tiny pink mauve 10 of hearts tornado
coyne (2016) 
boneybird (2016) 
nice colors
Nanook (2016) 
What goes on behind the wall is crazy.

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