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Nobody in here except us chickens

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the huge wood box is 4 feet above the tall ground. the white dinosaur is in the box. the enormous chicken is -12 feet above the dinosaur. it is -15 feet in front of the dinosaur. the grass ground.the large woman is 15 feet in front of the box. she is on the ground. she is facing the box. the extremely tiny airplane is 7 feet above and 7 feet to the left of the box. it is 4 feet in front of the box. it is facing left.
Fuzzy border
Nanook (legacy) 
You must have telepathy. I started working on a Chicken/Squirrel scene this morn but had to save to come back to it. Not exactly the same but....well you'll see when I publish. BTW LOL great scene.
zamchick (legacy) 
but your chicken/squirrel scenes are classic!
watcher570 (legacy) 
very cool
KAWE (legacy) 
indeed very special
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