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Quadraphonic sound

Input text: 
a 1st bird.a 2nd 15 inch tall bird is left of the 1st bird.the 2nd bird leans 90 degrees to back.a 3rd 9 inch tall bird is -6 inch left of the 2nd bird.the 3rd bird leans 30 degrees to back.the 3rd bird is facing the 2nd bird.the 3rd bird is -3 inch above the 2nd bird.a 4th 16 inch tall bird is right of the 1st bird.the 4th bird leans 25 degrees to back.the 4th bird is facing the 1st bird.ambient light is old gold.ground is [pattern].four red lights are below the 2nd bird.a 9 inch tall blue ant is in front of the 1st bird.the ant leans 60 degrees to back.the ant is facing the 1st bird.
Solarize, Hue, Canvas texture, Invert, Contrast, Saturation
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