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Hawk's Wild Ride

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a 1st gigantic traffic light is in the middle of a huge road. the road is 5000 feet long. the traffic light is facing right. the light is 20 feet in the ground. the ground is silver. a 2nd gigantic traffic light is 5 feet behind the first traffic light. a gigantic bicycle is 5 feet to the left of the first traffic light. it is facing back. it is 100 feet behind the first traffic light. it is 60 feet over the ground. the bicycle is leaning 20 degrees to the back. a gigantic white bird is on the bicycle. the bird is facing back. a white light is 1 inch behind the bird.
lespaulguy (2016) 
The Incident
Frustrated with the slow moving traffic, Hawk makes an erratic move.

Nanook (2016) 
Fly The Crowded Skies Of...Ouch!
Due to the slow air traffic and crowded skies the plane had to make a quick maneuver .

boneybird (2016) 

nheiges (2016) 
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