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The love of money is the root of all evil.

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can is left of soda machine. the can is shiny. heart is left of movie theater. small eighth note is 20 feet in front of the heart. christmas ornament is 3 feet right of the eighth note. soda machine is in front of the christmas ornament. the soda machine is shiny. teacher is -4 inches in front of the soda machine. the teacher is facing to the north. the teacher is -14 inches above the ground. the teacher is leaning 20 degrees to the south. penny is -7 inches behind the teacher. the penny is above the ground. coin is 7 inches right of the penny. the penny is facing up. the coin is facing up. snake is -30 inches in front of the soda machine. the snake is [scales] . the snake is 17 inches right of the can.
KAWE (2021) 
Nanook (2021) 
Indeed ! The reflections in the vending machine add so much to the scene!
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