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Autumn break

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a torpedo.a beach is -0.5 feet in front of the torpedo.the ground is water.the ground is green.a chair is 2 feet in front of the torpedo.the chair is on the beach.the chair is facing northeast.a white seashell is 2 inches right of the chair.the shell is face up.a seal is 1 feet behind the torpedo.the seal is left of the torpedo.the seal is 1 feet in the ground.the beach is 2 inches in the ground.the torpedo is leaning 10 degrees to the north.the torpedo is 1 feet in the ground.a dolphin is 10 feet behind the seal.a bottle is 6 inches right of the shell.the bottle is face up.the bottle is facing northwest.the seal is facing southeast.a small man is -15 inches above the chair.the small man is facing northeast.a 6 feet tall umbrella is in front of the chair.a table is 3 feet in front of the bottle.a glass is on the table.a rock is right of the bottle.a bush is 0.5 feet left of the chair.a small galleon is 200 feet behind the dolphin.the galleon is facing southwest.a aqua light is above the galleon.a wine bottle is left of the glass.
Nanook (legacy) 
Getting tanked on the banks of the ocean. Nice. ;-0
boneybird (legacy) 

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