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Don't wake him up !

Input text: 
a bed.a 40 feet tall wall is behind the bed.the wall is 100 feet long.the wall is art.a boy is -4.2 feet above the bed.the boy is face up.the boy is leaning 20 degrees to the south.a table is left of the bed.the table is -2 feet behind the bed.a lamp is on the table.a dim yellow light fits inside the lamp.it is night.a 6 inch tall robot is -2.3 feet above the bed.the robot is -2 feet in front of the bed.a 6 inch tall soldier is 6 inches right of the robot.the soldier is facing the robot.the bed's blanket is aqua.the bed's pillow is lilac.a 6 inch tall car is 6 inches in front of the robot.the car is facing southeast.a 7 inch tall clown is 8 inches right of the car.the clown is facing the boy.a 6 inch tall tank is 4 inches right of the soldier.the tank is facing the car.the robot is facing northeast.a 10 inch tall dinosaur is 4 inches left of the robot.the dinosaur is facing the tank.a 7 inch tall astronaut is 10 inches behind the robot.a 3 feet tall jack in the box is right of the bed.the jack in the box is facing the astronaut.the ground is wood.three dim red lights are 2 feet in front of the bed.a teddy bear is in front of the bed.a 7 inch tall cowboy is left of the clown.the cowboy's shirt is red.
KAWE (legacy) 
very considerate :-)
daniel (legacy) 

Nanook (legacy) 
considering all the toys he has out I can see why his momma doesn't want anybody to wake him. :-)
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