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nuclear waste facility

Input text: 
a first building.a second building is -40 feet above the first building.the second building is upside down.a third building is 2 feet right of the first building.the ground is 500 feet tall.the third building is shiny red.the second building is gold.the first building is gold.the ground is shiny.the sun is shiny orange.the ground is cyan.the sky is texture.the texture is 1000 feet tall.
anxieting (2016) 
reminds me of the meat packing plant in Oddworld. Equally doomy
Nanook (2016) 
I thought Van Gogh came back to life. Nice painterly effect.
coyne (2016) 
yeah, i thought of van gogh too
KAWE (2016) 
toxic colors fit the theme
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