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there is a white computer on a [wood] desk. its push button is white. its button is white. its trackball is white. its disk drive is white. its lid is silver. its battery is white. its panel is silver. its leg is white. its screen is [text]. its rubber is white. its switch is white. its hook is white. its base is white. its key is white. its foot is white. there is a white wall behind the desk. there is a giant puddle under the desk. there is a coffee cup -18 inches to the right of the computer. the coffee cup is leaning 66 degrees to the left. coffee wave -7.5 inches to the left of the coffee cup. it is 2 inches tall. it is leaning 88 degrees to the left. it is -4.4 inches above the coffee cup. there is a matte [texture] cat -1.2 inches to the left of the computer. it is facing the wave. there is a mouse to the right of the computer.
Nanook (legacy) 
great scene!
nheiges (legacy) 
this is great!
KAWE (legacy) 
this will become a coffee accident
anxieting (legacy) 
@KAWE the worst kind of accident :((
KAWE (legacy) 
I know from personal experience
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