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the humongous impi-38 cube is on the mountain range. the pond is in front of the cube. the boat is on the pond. the large psi-vp21627 is in the boat. the huge pi is 3 feet above the cube. the large OMEGA is one foot behind the pi. the omega is to the left of the pi.the large mu-vp21616 is to the left of the omega. 3 large palm trees are to the right of the pond. the LAMBDA is to the left of the mu. the mountain range is dirt. the white floor is in front of the cube. the floor is above the mountain range. the floor is 4 foot wide and 9 feet long. the very large DELTA is on the floor. the very large beta is 7 feet above the boat. the beta is behind the boat.
TheHoofer (legacy) 
Hi dad, i know you're there. Werd Up.
TheHoofer (legacy) 
This is a great tool for me learning the greek alphabet, i never knew half of those existed.
Zamchick (legacy) 
Do your homework THEN let's talk buster.
rws (legacy) 
He must think it's beta to psize that up.*br*
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