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There is a very big slide. There is a child in front of the slide. In front of the slide is a big puddle. The child is on the puddle. On the right side of the slide is a big swing. The swing is 2 feet away from the slide. Next to the child is a big woman. The woman faces the child. The woman is 1 feet away from the child. The ground is grass. 18 Feet behind the woman is a tree. The tree is 5 feet to the left.
watcher570 (legacy) 
boneybird (legacy) 
haha. I thought you do that BEFORE you go down the big slide :-)
Nanook (legacy) 
I see you got your voice :-D.
gollum777 (legacy) 
@nanook yeah evil mother :D
KAWE (legacy) 
A worried mother but pedagogically clumsy
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