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Blurry vision

Input text: 
a clear white magnifying glass.the magnifying glass is upside down.the magnifying glass is 200 feet tall.the magnifying glass is 10 feet in the ground.a 20 feet tall man is 15 feet behind the magnifying glass.the man is on the ground.a building is 100 feet behind the man.the building is facing northwest.a 20 feet tall woman is 2 feet right of the man.the ground is shiny.[rain]sky.the ground is forget me not blue.the man is black.the building is texture.the texture is 50 feet tall.a tree is 3 feet right of the woman.the tree is 10 feet behind the woman.the tree is glass.a 10 feet tall dog is 4 feet left of the man.the dog is 2 feet behind the man.the dog is facing southeast.the sun is pink.
KAWE (2016) 
really i see blurred
Nanook (2016) 
I've had blurred vision before :-)
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