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Down At The Frog Pond

Input text: 
a 1st very large [leopard frog] frog is -7 inches over a 1st boulder. the frog is facing left. the frog is leaning 15 degrees to the front. a 2nd boulder is behind the first boulder. it is -1 foot to the left of the 1st boulder. the 2nd boulder is facing northeast. a huge [arrow poison frog] frog is -2 inches over the 2nd boulder. the huge frog is facing right. a huge green water floor is behind the 2nd boulder. the floor is 4.5 inch in the ground. gigantic grass is -4 inches in front of the water floor. it is -16 inches to the left of the 2nd boulder. the ground is dirt. a 1st very large rose is -3 foot to the left of the water floor. a 2nd very large rose is behind the 1st rose. a gold light is over the 1st frog. the ambient light is dim green bronze. a 1st large tree is behind the second rose. a 2nd large tree is -6 feet to the left of the 2nd rose. a 3rd tree is .5 foot in front of the 1st tree. it is -5 feet to the right of the 1st tree. a 4th tree is -2 feet in front of the 3rd tree. it is -3 foot to the right of the 3rd tree. a huge tree is next to the first tree on the left. it is 6 feet behind the 2nd tree.
Nanook (2016) 
these guys have great character, makes me smile really big. :-)))
boneybird (2016) 
you're killing it :-)
nheiges (2016) 
KAWE (2016) 
Two frogs in excited conversation?
nheiges (2016) 
as excited as frogs get, anyway. they're pretty chill.
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