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Lonely Dime

Input text: 
a clear phone booth. the phone of the phone booth is metal. the book of the phone booth is yellow. the roof of the phone booth is blue. the panel of the phone booth is black. the cord of the phone booth is black. a woman is -2.8 feet to the front of the phone booth. she faces northeast. 2 baby blue lights are -0.2 feet to the back of and -0.7 feet above the phone booth. 3 blue lights are 2 inches right of the woman. a 10 feet tall street light is 1.5 feet left of and 0.5 feet behind the phone booth. a large bench is left of the street light. a tree is -8 feet behind and -9 feet left of the bench. a 700 feet long road is in front of the phone booth. it faces right. a 700 feet long sidewalk is behind the road. it faces right. 2 orange lights are 2 inches above the street light. the sky is [clouds 2]. the camera light is black. the ambient light is old gold. the sun's azimuth is 335 degrees. the sun's altitude is 54 degrees. the sun is sage green. the ground is unreflective.
Cracked paint, Contrast, Sharpen
KAWE (2016) 
coyne (2016) 
nice lighting
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