space race

Input text: flying saucer is -40 feet in the ground. 1st spaceship -10 feet left of flying saucer. it is on the ground. it is facing up. it is 10 feet tall. it is clear. 1st cyan light is -1 foot above 1st spaceship. flying saucer is clear pink. 2 red lights are -1 foot in the flying saucer. 1 magenta light is -1 foot in flying saucer.ground is [florida]. 2 olive lights -1 foot in spaceship. Sky is [computer]. it is morning
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boneybird  (2016) 
just looked at all your scenes. Really nice!
cemurp  (2016) 
@boneybird thank you so much!!
Nanook  (2016) 
this has a real airiness to it. :-)
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