The fortune teller awaits

Input text: a table.a first candle is on the table.a second candle is 6 inches left of the first candle.a third candle is 6 inches right of the first candle.a yellow light is above the first candle.a red light is above the second candle.a blue light is above the third is night.a woman is behind the table.a wall is 2 feet behind the woman.the wall is shiny paper.the ground is shiny.the woman is texture.a shiny nightstand is 8 inches right of the woman.a 1 feet tall crystal ball is 2 inches behind the first candle.a shiny couch is 6 inches left of the woman.the woman is shiny.a shiny tiny chest is on the nightstand.a small shiny skull is 5 inches in front of the first candle.the skull is black.the wall is 30 feet long.
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KAWE  (2016) 
hmm what will bring the future
hedgehog1965  (2016) 
I predict the next customer will lose a lot of money :-)
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