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Happier Medium

Input text: 
a clear table.a first candle is on the table.a second candle is 6 inches left of the first candle.a third candle is 6 inches right of the first candle.a yellow light is above the first candle.a red light is above the second candle.a blue light is above the third candle.it is night. a woman is to the right of the table. she is facing the candle. a wall is 2 feet behind the woman.the wall is shiny paper.the ground is shiny.the woman is texture.a shiny nightstand is 8 inches right of the woman.a 1.5 feet tall crystal ball is 2 inches behind the first candle. the extremely enormous mouth is 2 feet in front of the table. it is facing back. it is 1 foot above the ground. the woman is shiny. a shiny tiny chest is on the nightstand.a yellow skull is 5 inches in front of the first candle.the wall is 30 feet long. the frog is 1 foot in front of the table. it is facing the skull. another large frog is to the left of the mouth. it is on the ground. it is facing the woman. 1st enormous yellow candy bar is -1.1 feet behind and -2.7 feet above the mouth. it leans 32 degrees to the right. a 3.5 inch tall blue "BUTTERFINGER" is 0.007 feet left of and -5.8 inches above the candy bar. it faces left. a waffle is -0.95 feet above the crystal ball. it faces left. it leans 75 degrees to the front. 2 dim beige lights are 2 inches east of the waffle. 2nd very huge red candy bar is above the crystal ball.it leans 80 degrees to the left. it faces southeast. a 4.6 inch tall yellow "KIT KAT" is -0.52 feet above and -1.9 feet to the back of the 2nd candy bar. it faces southwest.
Effects: Contrast, Sharpen
Attributions: The Happy... by boneybird
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