I have the ingredients Granny !

Input text: a table.a skull is on the table.the table is black.a black candle is on the skull.a hand is left of the skull.the hand is face up.a book is right of the skull.the book is face up.a smoke wall is 3 feet behind the table.a gold woman is 1 feet left of the table.the woman is facing the table.a black cauldron is 1 feet right of the table.a frog is 6 inches in front of the woman.a yellow light is above the candle.a bag is -10 inches in front of the woman.the bag is 1 feet above the ground.a witch is behind the cauldron.the witch is facing southwest.the ground is dirt.a green light fits inside the cauldron.the bag is -16 inches left of the woman.a silver symbol is in front of the table.the symbol is 6 inches above the ground.
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KAWE  (2016) 
Nanook  (2016) 
great one!
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