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Syiyence fyxion
needs 13 ghosts

Input text: 
A [Sci] wall is 5 feet tall. It stands on top of a skyscraper which is 30 feet tall. 3 ghosts are in front of the building. A ufo is 7 feet above the skyscraper. A [siffy] rug is 5 feet in front of the ghosts. 12 flames are on top of the [siffy] rug. The [siffy] rug is 12 feet long. 3 vampires stand to the left of the ghosts. 3 aliens stand to the right of the ghosts.
Nanook (2016) 
@FanG. 13 is like the 13th floor in a building, it doesn't exsist in wordseye. ha ha, 12 is the limit right now...never thought about it before, maybe there's a reason.......oohhhh!!!!
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