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Big Shot
...You had to be one... didn't you!?!

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the huge shiny glass-img-st3035 cup is on the fire ground. the tiny texture "Alcohol" is in front of the cup. the sky is dark red. the sun is black. the dark brown light is ten feet in front of the "Alcohol".
Zamchick  (legacy) 
coyne  (legacy) 
Hey, where did that other Billy Joel reference go?
Zamchick  (legacy) 
I pulled it until the tears (drops of water) are better looking. Boo Hoo yo me for*br*having to teach the night everyone else went to see him at the Garden.
Zamchick  (legacy) 
This is the most graphic image to date (in the bold poster sense.)
rws  (legacy) 
I hope no one decides to do an illustration for Captain Jack.*br*
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