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Armadillo On The Jug

Input text: 
a large squirrel. a tiny bass is in front of the squirrel. the bass is -6 inches to the right of the squirrel. the bass is leaning 5 degrees to the left. a very small polar bear is to the right of the squirrel. the polar bear is -12 inches in front of the squirrel. a small banjo is in front of the polar bear. it is .6 foot over the ground. it is leaning 80 degrees to the left. the bear is facing southwest. the banjo is facing southwest. the ground is 10 feet high and 50 feet deep. the ground is shiny 5 inch tall [grass]. the ambient light is pale teal. 2 gold lights are 1 foot in front of the bass and 3 inches over the ground. the camera light is black. the sun is gold. 2 copper lights are over the squirrel and to the left of the squirrel. a 1.8 feet tall [peacock] chicken is 0.5 feet left of the squirrel.a [wood] violin is -0.3 feet to the front of the chicken.it faces southeast. it leans 85 degrees to the southeast. a bow is -0.6 feet left of and 0.8 feet to the front of the chicken. it leans 69 degrees to the right. 2 rust lights are 6 inches to the front of and 3 inches above the chicken. an armadillo is in front of the bow. the armadillo is facing right. the armadillo is leaning 25 degrees to the back. it is -.4 feet over the ground. a .6 foot high jug is -3.5 inches to the right of the armadillo. it is 0 inches above the ground. a green bronze light is in front of the armadillo.
Cracked paint, Hue, Brightness
Scene credits:
Fiddle Up (Scene)
zamchick (2016) 
The armadillo looks a bit washbasin-ish :-)
nheiges (2016) 
Haha - yes, he does! May have to rethink this one - or feel free to modify. :-)
KAWE (2016) 
The Armadillo also brought his natural food.

nheiges (2016) 
Nanook (2016) 
i'm likin' this band more and more...and a one, and a two and a....
boneybird (2016) 
Everyone heard about the jam session

nheiges (2016) 
That's great, @boneybird!
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