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The First Surrealist

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it is partly cloudy. the brick texture is on the sphere. the brick texture is 5 inches wide. The sphere is 6 inches tall. The sphere is 8 feet wide. The sphere is 8 feet deep. the sphere is unreflective. The tiny statue is on the sphere. The ground has a grass texture. The temple is 10 feet behind the sphere. The temple is 7 feet wide. The sphere is on the tall foam mountain range. it is morning. the willow tree is next to the statue. the tree is 4 feet tall. The orange illuminator is 2 feet above the statue. The silver pegasus is above the temple.
#surrealism #philosophy 
rws (legacy) 
That is really very nice. Would make a very plausible exhibit at the Grounds for Sculpture.*br*
coyne (legacy) 
Thanks. It sprang out of a test of spherical mapping. I liked the radial pattern when looking from above and flattened it to make a patio. And at that point I couldn't stop :-)*br**br*I had forgotten about Grounds for Sculpture...I think you had mentioned it way back. I wanna visit it someday.
rws (legacy) 
Yes, I figured you were testing spherical mapping. it looks as if it works pretty well.*br**br*You should visit it. Well worth a day trip. But call first: one of the days is a free day (perhaps Saturday). Otherwise it's a tad pricey to get in.*br*
Zamchick (legacy) 
Very cool. Are we any closer to combining measurements: "the sphere is 8 feet wide, 8 feet deep and 6 inches tall". ?
coyne (legacy) 
Richard made some improvements in that area, though I haven't tried it yet or installed it. In general, sequences of conjunctions are difficult and not guaranteed to work.
rws (legacy) 
Of course it still bothers me when you can take things like spheres and cubes, regular polyhedra, etc, and deform them. *br*
ebbaalm (legacy) 
The ground texture and pattern is really fascinating.
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