neighbourly love
your kid and dog are always leaving stuff in my garden !

Input text: a 2 feet tall fence.a first woman is 3 inches behind the fence.the fence is 20 feet long.a second woman is 12 inches in front of the fence.the second woman is facing northeast.the first woman is facing southwest.the ground is grass.a ball is 6 inches right of the second women.a first house is 15 feet behind the first woman.a dog is 3 feet behind the first woman.a first toy is 2 inches behind the ball.a poop is 2 inches left of the second woman.the poop is facing the dog.a second toy is 4 inches right of the ball.the second toy is in front of the ball.a 1 feet tall first cartoon is right of the dog.a second cartoon is 5 inches in front of the second woman.the second cartoon is facing the second toy.a second house is 30 feet left of the first house.the sun is pink.
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KAWE  (2016) 
yes that is "love"
Nanook  (2016) 
Time to move....:-)
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