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Conflict in the Workplace

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a 1st dog is facing right. the dog is leaning 5 degrees to the front. a toy is -3.8 inches to the right of the dog. the toy is facing right. the toy is 1.9 foot over the ground. the toy is leaning to the front. a 2nd dog is .5 foot to the right of the 1st dog. the 2nd dog is facing left. a firetruck is 20 feet behind and 5 feet to the left of the 1st dog. it is facing right. the firetruck is on a gray road. the road is facing left. the road is 100 feet deep and 30 feet wide. a fireman is in front of the firetruck. he is -2 feet to the right of the firetruck. the ground is grass. a house is 10 feet behind and 1 feet to the right of the firetruck. a 1st very large flame is -1 foot in front of the house. the flame is 3 feet over the ground. a 2nd very large flame is -1 inch to the left of the first flame. a 8 foot high and 2 foot wide blue cone is -0.5 inches to the right of the fireman. the cone is leaning 80 degrees to the right. the cone is facing southeast. the cone is 3.3 feet above the ground. the ambient light is pale copper. a dim lime light is 1 foot over the toy. a lavender light is 1 inch over and 2 inches in front of the 1st dog. a blue light is in front of the fireman.
##HD #totwConflict 
Brightness, Sharpen
KAWE (2016) 
haha great (dalmatiners are crazy dogs)
boneybird (2016) 
Nanook (2016) 
LOLOL too funy
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