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the ground is green lava. there is a man. there is a ship. the ship is 20 feet in the ground. the man is on the ship. there is a hydra. the hydra is very huge. the hydra is 150 feet to the right of the ship. the hydra is facing the man. there is a gigantic dragon. the dragon is behind the hydra. the dragon is 35 feet in the ground. there is a sword. the sword is very huge. the sword is 9 feet off the ground. the sword is facing the ship. there is a very tiny anchor. the anchor is in the hydra. the sword is 16 feet behind the anchor. there is a skeleton. the skeleton is 20 feet to the left of the ship. the skeleton is upside down. the skeleton is 1 foot in the ground. the skeleton is 10 feet behind the ship. the skeleton is facing left. the skeleton is big. there is a very huge banana. the banana is 20 feet off the ground. the banana is in the sword. the sword is 9 feet off the ground.
Nanook (2016) 
Wow, great to see you back in the fold, your images definitely exercise my brain :-)
KAWE (2016) 
a headless skeleton is better than a fool with head :-)
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