Game Time

Input text: A tiny clear red barrel is -0.1 feet above a 1st large silver plate. it leans 90 degrees to the right.the plate is on a large table. 2nd large [texture] plate is to the front of and -2 inches right of the 1st plate. a huge brown chicken leg is -0.4 feet above the 2nd plate. it leans 7 degrees to the front. 1st large [texture] bowl is behind and -2 inches left of the 1st plate. 2nd huge [texture] bowl is behind the 1st plate. 3rd large [texture] plate is 2.3 feet in front of the 1st plate. a enormous orange pasta is -0.1 feet above the 3rd plate. a large fork is -2 inches right of the 3rd plate. it faces right. it is upside down. a large bottle is 1 feet left of the 2nd plate. 1st 0.8 feet tall wine glass is 3 inches right of the bottle. a large television is 5 feet behind the table. it faces southeast. the screen of the television is [hockey]. a large [pattern] chair is 2 feet right of the table. it faces northwest. a 15 feet tall and 75 feet long tile wall is 1 feet behind the television. a man is on the chair.a large pie is 9 inches behind the 2nd plate. a large lamp is on the television. the ground is tile. 2 orange lights are -6 inches above the lamp. 2nd 0.8 feet tall wine glass is 2 inches in front of the fork. the camera light is black. the ambient light is coral. the sun is copper. a blue light is 3 inches in front of the television. a dim sage light is on the bottle.a dim cream light is on the pie. a large dog is 1 feet right of the television. it faces the television. a purple light is 3 inches above the dog. a 10 feet tall bookcase is 3 feet left of the television and 0.1 feet in front of the wall. 2nd large [wood] chair is -1 feet in front of and -3 feet to the right of the table. it faces northeast.
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nheiges  (2016) 
really nice scene - a little lonely, but he's not without a friend
Nanook  (2016) 
his wife is cleaning the kitchen!!!
watcher570  (2016) 
just chillin !
zamchick  (2016) 
The scene and (probably) he are wonderfully "lit".
KAWE  (2016) 

very cozy :-)
Nanook  (2016) 
Thanks everyone :-) and @zamchick yes his wife already cleared the other 3 wine bottles :-)
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