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a 9 feet tall ostrich.a boy is -36 inches above the ostrich.a 1.5 feet tall hat is -16 inches above the boy.the hat is -27 inches behind the boy.the hat is leaning 15 degrees to the north.a man is 8 feet behind the ostrich.the hat is -30 inches right of the boy.a structure is 50 feet right of the ostrich.the ground is shiny grass.a turtle is left of the ostrich.a gold cup is on the turtle.a 3 feet tall grass is in front of the man.there are 5 trees 15 feet in front of the structure.the ground is 30 feet tall.a red light is in front of the man.the boy's shirt is tan.the man's shirt is black.a lime light is above the trees.[adventure]sky.
KAWE (2016) 
fantastic and beautiful
boneybird (2016) 
a breath of fresh air
Nanook (2016) 
LOL, great
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