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Projecting Memories

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a big clear jar is on a table. the jar's bell is invisible. a room. the table is -10 feet north of the room. the table is facing north. a pink brain is -1.4 foot above the jar. the brain is facing north. a bright red light is -7 inches above the jar. the sun is black. the ambient light is black. the camera light is black. a bright white light is just above the jar. another bright red light is -24 inches above the jar. a dim white light is 1 foot south of the jar. it is 3 feet off the ground. a dim green light is 1 foot north of the jar. a small flat man is 7.01 feet north of the table. the man is glass. the man is 1 feet off the ground. a small flat dog is just left of the man. the dog is glass.
##HD #totwmemory 
Nanook (legacy) 
wow, memories from the future!!! nice
KAWE (legacy) 
nheiges (legacy) 
really cool!
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