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a electrifying performance !

Input text: 
a clear white volcano.the ground is 250 feet tall.a rainbow stage is 30 feet behind the volcano.a 20 feet tall planet is above the stage.a first witch is -50 feet behind the volcano.the first witch is 28 feet above the ground.the first witch is facing southeast.a green light is 6 inches in front of the first witch.the stage is 20 feet tall.the ground is dodger blue.the ground is shiny.a second witch is 1 feet right of the first witch.the second witch is leaning 80 degrees to the south.the second witch is facing southwest.a third witch is 1 feet left of the first witch.the third witch is facing northeast.a blue light is 1 feet in front of the planet.the third witch is 26 feet above the ground.a red light is 1 feet in front of the stage.[cloud]sky.
KAWE (legacy) 
oops very electric
Nanook (legacy) 
gives a new meaning to pole dancing :-)
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