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Turkey In The Straw

Input text: 
a 15 foot high and 20 foot wide [wood] carwash is on a 20 foot wide and 55 foot deep [hay] floor. a 15 foot high and 20 foot wide [wood] wall is 0 inches behind the carwash. a 20 foot high and 10 foot wide [wood] bookcase is -22 feet in front of and -2 foot to the left of the carwash. it is facing right. it is leaning 90 degrees to the right. a [wood] rectangular solid is 6 inches high and 20 feet wide and 2 feet deep. it is -2 feet to the right of the bookcase. it is facing right. it is 5 feet over the ground. a tiny chicken is -3 foot to the right and -3 feet in front of the bookcase. a orange red light is -5 feet over and -5 feet in front of the carwash. a green light is in front of the chicken. a 1st very large chicken is 2 feet behind the tiny chicken. it is facing southeast. a 2nd very large clear chicken is 1 feet behind and -2 foot to the right of the very large chicken. a blue green light is 1 foot to the right of the 1st chicken. the ground is [hay]. a [wood] swinging gate is -1 foot in front of the carwash. it is noon. a large clear white turkey is 3 feet in front of the swinging gate. it is leaning 10 degrees to the front.
Contrast, Hue, Hue, Invert, Contrast, Hue, Invert, Hue
Candygirl2007 (2016) 
That's awesome!
Candygirl2007 (2016) 
How do you do all those cool pictures?!
nheiges (2016) 
Thank you so much! I started with simple things and tried to learn from other people's texts. Sometimes I open someone else's picture and manipulate a few details just to understand how it's put together. I still have a lot to learn. But you're getting off to a great start! I really like what I've seen of yours so far. Just keep at it. :-)
Candygirl2007 (2016) 
How do you get effects?
KAWE (2016) 
very nice
nheiges (2016) 
@Candygirl, when you save a picture, you go to a new screen where you can manage the image. That's where you type in the title and publish it to the gallery. The special effects are on the left side. When you look at the description of this image above, you can see at the bottom that I used contrast, hue, and invert (multiple times). I just play around with the effects until I get something I like. If you don't like something, click the "Undo" button, but remember that it'll only take you back one step. Other things that make an image interesting are making objects clear, like the turkey, or reflective, or silver, which is a mirror. Adding color through light is another thing you can do - give the sun a color, or the camera light, or the ambient light, etc. The best thing to do is open an image you like, study the text, and try to imitate it. That's how I've been learning, anyway.
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