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the cat is facing the technicat. the cat is one foot in front of the technicat. the technicat is facing up. the technicat is black. the cat is matte and black. the time is dawn.
Zamchick  (legacy) 
Curious :-)
technicat  (legacy) 
I am curious about the shadows - seems like there are two light sources.
coyne  (legacy) 
Yes, scenes have two light sources by default. There's the sun, of course. And there's also the camera-light. It's always positioned at the camera and helps ensure that there's some direct light on the scene. You can turn that off with "the camera-light is black" or change it's color just like any other light. It's position can't be changed though.
coyne  (legacy) 
Since the camera-light is a fixed size (and not at infinity like the sun) it will tend to be shed more light on the scene when you're close to the scene and have small objects. It will have little effect on stuff at a distance unless the sun is black.*br**br*I was thinking of scaling its size based on distance from the camera aimpoint in order to try to keep it at uniform in its effect. Don't know how well that would work though, especially since you're not guaranteed to be looking at the camera aimpoint if you do lots of panning (as opposed to rotating the camera).
technicat  (legacy) 
Size is attenuation? Maybe the most flexible thing is to allow specification of the light size (or if that's already there, done), e.g. "the camera light is fifty feet wide" or better yet, specify "radius" or "range".*br**br*I have to start paying more attention to the Object view - it shows the camera light (and the greek flag on my lambda - I wonder what "canadian bacon" looks like). But the object view doesn't show the sun, unless it's implicit in the sky or the global group.
coyne  (legacy) 
Radiance has area lights, so the amount of illumination of a light is a function of how far it is from the scene, how bright it is, and the size of the light.*br**br*Right, you can specify color/brightness and size of lights (including the camera-light). I've been also thinking about letting user specify the brightness of lights in terms of wattage. Everyone knows a 100 watt bulb, so maybe that would be a useful metric to specify lights of all levels of brightness.
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